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Built up of leaves this design creates camouflage for the parrots hiding behind the leaves. I wanted the the parrots to appear like they are hiding.

Saint Germain

Inspired by the life of a young French girl and her cat. 

Message in a Bottle

A letter is sent to a loved one in a bottle by a sailor from a sinking ship.



Based on life living in London. The Bulldog is the National dog of England and the Union Jack can be seen on the table. I wanted to create the sense of excitement with the dog chasing the bird.


A design built up of guitar picks scattered on the stage of a live concert.


Split into two halves, one side with elements and items commonly used for picnics. The other side is made up of stripes, which creating a maritime feeling. 


Based on the English Gentleman. The hats are printed in a rough screen printed style. The stripes create the sense of direction and movement within the pattern, as if they are falling.



A rock inspired scarf based on the musical legend Bowie.